Quality Artists From Around the Country

John Powell

As a young boy, John Powell spent many hours with his father, Jack Powell, and Will Foster, both prominent artists. John recalls one weekend in particular when long hours were spent in the studio listening to his father discuss color. "I was on the bus going home to Hollywood. The evening was warm and the shadows were strong. Suddenly it hit like a mallet on the head – there it was, all the colors they were talking about. The trees weren't just green, they were blue, purple and orange. I remember that experience like it was yesterday. I think of it as my awakening."

This recollection of those early years is significant, as it is not merely the facility of the hand that makes the artist, it is the ability to see. John enlisted in the Navy after graduating from high school. During this time, two years were spent in Japan. This environment was instrumental in John's development, as it was here that he became acutely aware of his artistic needs. His drawings from this period reflect the Far Eastern influence and design elements that would mold his eventual style.

After four years in the Navy, John enrolled in the Mexico City College, known for its excellent art department. The influence of the primitive arts of Mexico made an indelible imprint which would be forever expressed during John's career. He made a serious effort to establish an art career on his return to Los Angeles.

Today, John resides with his wife in Santa Barbara, California. His home and studio have the unmistakable feel of his creativity. A collection of wood carvings, weather vanes, ceramic pots, old model airplanes, exotic fabrics and unusual antiques delight the eye. The aesthetic gardens reflect his love of flowers and the magical drawings poetry his never-ending humor.

When you examine his work closely, you discover a unique, self-taught approach which is unlike any other artist. With John's ever-increasing popularity, there are many who attempt to imitate his work; however, they are unable to duplicate the energy of the mind that creates these sparkling, decorative conceptions.



Audean Johnson

Her unique way of seeing, of celebrating imperfections and glorifying ordinary objects, has made her still-lifes legendary in the contemporary art world. From a fragile robin's nest to a favorite basket or the delicate fuzz of a peach, Johnson treats all of her subjects with tenderness and respect. As a result, her rural compositions come alive with the warmth and charm of a peaceful day in the countryside.

Johnson's childhood was spent growing up in the Pennsylvania Amish country, which left its indelible mark of simplicity upon her. She studied under the tutelage of a single art teacher from elementary through high school, and his influence is primarily responsible for her affinity toward watercolor as a medium. Johnson won several art contests while still in school, and this led to her decision to make a career as an artist. She attended her mentor's alma mater, The Philadelphia College of Art. There, she says, "You learned how to draw. You learned how to paint. You came out knowing something."

Upon her graduation from the four-year illustration course at the College, Johnson landed a job with a Philadelphia greeting card company. Soon thereafter, she headed straight for New York City to earn a living as a commercial illustrator. She was sought after by a number of firms to design point-of-purchase displays, posters and children's books, and, to date, she has illustrated several books for Random House.

Johnson put off pursuing her passion for fine art painting while she devoted her time to her illustration career and to raising a family, but in 1983, with her children grown, she followed her dream to a log cabin in Vermont. There she severed her ties to the commercial art business completely, and focused her energies on her special love - watercolors.

Johnson's change in emphasis from illustration to fine art has been less a transition than a rebirth. Her return to a natural environment has re-instilled the sense of calm that pervades much of her work. Her surroundings provide inpsiration, and it is perhaps ironic that the very subjects which drive Johnson's vigorous pursuit of truth, beauty and precise detail in her work are those that become the soothing, tranquil images which have become her trademark. Now one of the most sought after still-life artists published today, she has become a major force in contemporary American Realism




In 1991, Jonathan discovered God just at the lowest moment in his life. When he felt and realized the presence of God, he surrendered his will and life completely and totally to, in his words, an awesome Power beyond comprehension or understanding. After that moment of acceptance and redemption, Jonathan received visions that he rendered as drawings and paintings. "I take credit for holding the charcoal," Jonathan declares, "the visions, the imagery, come spontaneously into my consciousness. They were not a product of my own thinking. These came from God."

I believe we have been chosen as stewards of this artwork. We have come tyo understand that we have a ministry under God to make this artwork available to anyone and everyone who recognizes it and feels drawn to it. We have seen the power of the Holy Spirit work through these images, reaching people from all races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. It has brought about some of the most powerful moments in people's lives that I have ever seen.

Our mission commitment deepens every day as we hear from pastors, church leaders, conference people, Christians and people of all denominations from across the nation and even overseas. They tell us their experiences of how God has moved through the artwork to touch, inspire and deepen their connection. We are awed by their testimonies and grateful to be a part of God's plan. We thank you for your interest in and support of our art ministry. May God richly bless each one of you.


Mary Mark

Mary Mark was born in Columbus, Ohio in the early 1950's. She earned a B.A. in '74 from Lehman College in the Bronx and a BFA '78 from Ohio University. She currently resides with David Johnson, her husband manager, in a renovated old church near Cincinnati. A printmaker by formal training, Mary has expanded her work into many media. Current work on display at galleries showing her works include:

  • Handmade paper, highly textured original paintings of dyed cotton linters.
  • Linoleum Block Prints, hand carved and handprinted reduction block prints in editions under 100.
  • Oil Pastels, richly colored original florals, landscapes, and figures on black gessoed rag paper.

Mary's work is sold in over 300 galleries in 36 states. Many of those galleries have sold her varied art works for nearly a decade. Her ever evolving creativity has provided new and refreshing colors, images, and media to an ever changing marketplace.



Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin was born March, 1941 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and received her education at Colorado Women's College, now the University of Denver.

Elaine's work speaks of her love of nature and the outdoors. She travels across America and Europe for inspriation, to recapture the warmth of the sun-lit clouds and the translucence of rushing streams.

Elaine creates her original works of art in traditional, transitional, and contemproary styles. First, Elaine prepares a textured surface on canvas. Acrylic paints in strong or muted colors are then blended as they are applied to the surface. Layers of paint are interspersed with transparent washes. This technique enlivens the color intensity and promotes brilliance to underlying areas of gold leaf. Shadows and movement are enhanced by bold marks of graphite.

"For a painting to work, I must feel the source of light in order to express it on the canvas."

Elaine's work hangs in many private and corporate collections nationally.


Terry Redlin

Few artists can rival the standards of excellence achieved by Master Artist Terry Redlin over the past 30 years. He is truly one of the country's most widely collected painters of wildlife and Americana. For eight consecutive years, 1991 through 1998, Redlin has been named America's Most Popular Artist in annual gallery surveys conducted by U.S.ART magazine. His induction into U.S.ART's Hall of Fame in 1992 followed the magazine's poll of 900 galleries nationwide which, that year, placed five of Redlin's limited editions in the top 11 in popularity. Over the life of the poll, 30 prints have been included in that list. His use of earthy colors, blazing sunrises and sunsets and nostalgic themes are often cited as the reasons for his immense popularity.


Irina Russkol

Irina Russkol was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and presently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Irina started drawing and experimenting with paints at an early age. She began her formal training at Kharkov Fine Art Institute in Kharkov, Ukraine. Then she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994 to attend the Academy of Fine Art. Although her education helped her in a large part, her inspiration and her need to create has generally come from her spontaneous emotions within. Also, many different artists and styles have influenced her.

In 1998, she decided to come to the United States to learn and study English as well as American culture and art.

Irina has incorporated mixed media with oil acrylic, watercolor, tempera, gouache and different textures. Not content with settling with one style or medium, she is always exploring new tecchniques, which is evident in her wide range of styles, landscape, still-life, figurative and abstract.

Irina's artworks can be found in numerous corporations, galleries, and private collections around the country and abroad.


Marilyn Simandle

Marilyn Simandle has always known that she would become an artist. Learning from her mother, a musician and painter in her own right, Simandle started painting watercolors at age 6. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from San Jose State University. Simandle went on to share her developed knowledge and incredible talent by teaching art for over 15 years and conducting workshops throughout California and the Scottsdale Artists' School. A native Californian, she now resides in the Santa Ynez Valley with her husband, Ted Goerschner, who is also an artist, where she explores all her passions: painting, gardening, playing bridge and horseback riding.

In her paintings, Simandle tries to convey her own philosophy of art. She loves to explore the complex interplay of light and its effects on architecture and surroundings. An avid traveler and photographer, Marilyn uses her own photographs simply as the starting point, an inspiration. While striving for truth in her paintings, she believes that "perfection is the enemy of great art." A single brush stroke can speak volumes in a painting. Simandle is inspired and influenced by the poetry in the brush strokes of John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla.


Starlie Sokol-Hohne

As with many contemporary artists, photography and technology play a part in the achievement of the artists' expression. Sokol images are conceived and assembled with parts of images from a variety of sources. As with Rauchenberg, the final product is the result of the unique combination and juxtaposition of photographic images. First, Sokol assembles the conceived image by collaging the basic images together from the various pieces, whether a chair, or a tree or a particular sky. The different sizes, perspectives and light source of each "piece" yield the realized concept of her imaginary visions. From time to time she may rework an image with different details to change the mood or feeling. Physical collage and hand painting blend these elements into a more cohesive and realistic perspective. the result is the reality of her idealized image. It is that unique result which is distinctively a Sokol.

Starlie Sokol-Hohne was born in 1958 in Santa Monica, California and completed her studies at UCLA in 1980.

Combining images and antiquity with contemporary mixed media printmaking techniques, Starlie creates visually interesting images, combining past and present elements.

Starlie enjoys equestrian riding in the woods and canyons near her home. This inspires her in the way that nature is extremely abstract as well as realistic. Using this quiet time helps Starlie to refresh her creative powers for even greater expressions of self fulfillment.

Exhibiting nationally since the early eighties, Starlie's work is held in private, public and corporate collections.


Yuri Tremler

Yuri Tremler (born Yuri Trembovler) was born in the Ukraine in 1961. He attended the College of the Arts in Kharkov. He later continued his studies at the Kharkov Art & Design Academy as well as at the Gall Design School in Germany. After that, he returned to Kharkov and worked as a metal smith theater decorator. Tremler immigrated to Israel in 1996 where he worked in crafts, industrial design, interior design, jewelry design, and participated in many exhibitions. After exploring new media to work within, he finally decided to dedicate himself almost exclusively to painting in 1998. The artist's striking and spontaneous palette clearly expresses a gamut of emotional states and moods. The images in his masterful works saturate the emotions and remain in the imagination. His works are now exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Israel and the United States..